Thursday, January 24, 2008

Three Things

Three things in life that,
once gone, never come back -

1. Time
2. Words
3. Opportunity

Three things in life that can destroy a person -

1. Anger
2. Pride
3. Unforgiveness

Three things in life that you should never lose-

1. Hope
2. Peace
3. Honesty

Three things in life that are most valuable -

1. Love
2. Family & Friends
3. Kindness

Three things in life that are never certain -

1. Fortune
2. Success
3. Dreams

Three things that make a person -

1. Commitment
2. Sincerity
3. Hard work

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi david,
it is me CHER. hows it going? are u married now? how come u arent updating your blogs? click on my name and u will find my new blog.

hope to talk to u soon ... send me a message ok.


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