Saturday, September 03, 2005

Cultivate Your Child-like Thinking

Cultivate Your Child-like Thinking by Lisa Jimenez, M. Ed.

Psychologists say 68% of people miss out on opportunity simply because they are not awake to it. Did you read that clearly?

They are not awake. Most people are in a coma of routine, habit and schedule. They almost have to be. We over stimulate our calendar with so many tasks and errands that it becomes necessary to be in a robotic state of "doing" to ensure everything on the to-do list will get accomplished.

And now, the harassed style of thinking and living has become a habit ? a way of life. You can break through this negative behavior of living by making a conscious effort to become more childlike ? not childish ? but, childlike.

Find amazement with things again!

Did you know that NASA cannot duplicate the flight pattern of a dragon fly?

Did you know that a butterfly's life span is two days ? and that they are never babies? They go right from the cocoon to an adult butterfly?

Did you know the more pollution in the air the more brilliant and bold the sunsets?

Did you know that baby zebras recognize their mommies by the positioning of their stripes ? and the stripe patterns are never duplicated!

Isn't it amazing that alligators lay their eggs at different levels in the ground. And this action determines the gender of the newborn alligator?

Isn't it amazing that it is impossible to be mad and laugh at the same time?

Isn't it amazing that you can cause a grown man or woman with a tough exterior to melt like butter when you say, "I love you."

Isn't it amazing that young children who just meet each other can play like they are lifelong friends within a few seconds?

These facts may seem insignificant. However, the habit of thinking on such things can do amazing things for you. It can cause you to wake up and notice the abundance of wisdom, love, and miracles that are found in every day life!

Just imagine what your life would look like if you called on your natural risk-taking ability. Imagine what your business would look like if you cultivated your childlike thinking. Imagine what your relationships would look like if you were willing to really love!

Let this article be your wakeup call to the amazement of life. It just might cause you to be aware of the abundant opportunity waiting for you in your business and in life!

Cultivate Your Child-like Thinking!
Have a great day!

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