Saturday, September 17, 2005

Patience, time, knowledge

Here are three things that struck me this week and some thoughts for you on each.

Allow for the passing of time. I, for one, am impatient, and perhaps you are too. One thing I have found to be helpful - even though it is hard - is to become more patient and be willing to allow time to pass. Sometimes the only thing that is standing between you and a dream is time. Sometimes things aren't ready for you in order to make your dream come true. You may be ready, but an important partner may not be. You may be ready, but your company may not be.

So allow time to pass. And while it is passing and everything is coming into alignment so you can soar when things do come together, continue to work on yourself so you are even better when the time arrives.

I know that life is short and we want to get on with things, but we must also realize that there is a time and a season for everything, and our job is to do the work in due time. By doing so, we not only perform better and succeed more, we also enjoy the journey a lot more.

Why not see how much you can become? There are a few different kinds of people in this world. There are those who never try to become much of anything. There are those who decide that they want to attain a certain level, and then live at that level, regardless of whether or not they could go further (this includes both under and overachievers). And there are people who will stretch and go as far as they possibly can.

Which group are you in? I am certain that you aren't in that first group or you wouldn't even be reading this. But which of the two remaining groups are you in?

Are you in the group that stops at some level, or the group that constantly strives for more? I am in the group that strives for more because I want to see how far I can go. I want to see how good my relationships can be. I want to see how many great books I can write. I want to speak to as many audiences as possible. I want to see how many lives I can change. I want to see how much wealth I can attain.

I want, in every area of my life, to see how far I can go. I hope that how far I go is beyond even what I can imagine for myself at this point in my life - and that's pretty far!

What about you? How far could you go? What could you become with all the effort you have within you?

Your life is short. Give it your all. There will be plenty of time for rest when your life is over!

Ignorance is tragedy. Knowledge is one of the most powerful tools in the entire universe. It has been said that, "Ignorance is bliss," that if you don't know something, it can't affect you. That's about as bogus as it gets.

In all we do, we should first and foremost seek to understand, to gain knowledge. We should seek to know all that we can in our spiritual quests, in our relationships, in handling finances and in our health. We should seek to know anything and everything that can be stored in our minds and then transformed into the reality of lives by applied action.

Knowledge is a resource we draw on when it comes time to act. To the degree that you have knowledge stored, you will enhance your actions. For example, if you have tremendous knowledge about relationships and how they work, then you attempt to improve a relationship, you have that knowledge available to you. If you do not have that knowledge, then you are flying blind and your attempts will be at best trial and error.

So, continue to grow in your knowledge and have it ready when it comes time to act.

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