Monday, October 24, 2005

Because He Said He Would

Because He Said He Would by Ron White

It was a family get together a few years ago, and in my absence my family began to speculate if I was going to show up. Some said, "Probably." Others didn't think so. Then my aunt chimed in, "He'll be here." Everyone turned and looked at my aunt because of her matter-of-fact tone. My grandmother said, "How do you know that?"

My aunt replied, "Because he said he would -- and not only that -- he will be on time!"

That was that, and the conversation shifted to other matters and preparing the food. The lunch was set to begin at 1:00 and at 12:57 there was no sign of me, yet, the look on my aunt's face was as relaxed as it could be (She has nerves of steel - not a good idea to play poker with her).

Then at 12:58 the door knob began to turn and I walked through the door. As soon I stepped foot in the house, my aunt threw up her arms as if to signal the game winning field goal and said, "What did I tell ya?!" My aunt has never been above gloating and savors every opportunity.

I soon realized her happiness was more than simply me joining them for lunch. That reaction from my aunt caused me to think that day. It forced me to pause and realize how valuable it is in life and business for others to trust what you say and feel comfortable depending upon you.

It is priceless when others are 100% confident that you will follow through on your word.

How do you garner that kind of trust? How do you become a person who others will know you will be there or do what you say that you will? Simple?. you do what you say you will do. It may seem elementary, yet if you do this day in and day out believe it or not people will begin to notice. You don't have to advertise that you are a person who keeps their word. Others will just figure it out.

It is so rare and so uncommon that you will stand out like a red marble in a bowl of white marbles.

There is a truth that says, "He who is faithful in little will also be faithful with much." There is no task, chore or promise that is too small to be faithful with. It could be keeping a secret, a promise or following through on a statement. It could be simply arriving on time or delivering your product when you said you would.

When you are faithful in a lot of little things - those little things end up meaning a lot over time. It has been said that a good name is more desirable than riches. It is certainly worth more and good luck attempting to build riches without a good name.

If you are not reliable and trustworthy when your friends have referrals they could give you - do you think that they would? If you don't follow through on the simple matters of life, why would anyone trust with referring business to you.

Hopefully one day someone will say about you, "Because they said they would!"


1. When you say you will be there at 1:00 - Be there at 1:00

2. When you promise to deliver your product on time - Deliver your product on time.

3. If you don't have someone on the way to purchase the product that your prospect is looking at - don't fabricate someone to create urgency. Take a sales training course and learn how to sell.

4. If you say you will call - call.

5. Pay your bills on time - cut back on your expenses if you can't do this.

6. Become trustworthy - it is very simple. It is about the little things.

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