Sunday, November 13, 2005

Excerpts from 2004 DVD Weekend Event

"Jim Rohn taught me the importance of performing simple disciplines. Simple disciplines repeated over a period of time will produce a compound affect. He taught me the power of consistency. These philosophies came into my subconscious. This is the internal communication. Master that. Master what goes in; deliberately choose what goes in instead of having it be by default.

The key is not learning how to do it--that's the easy part.
The key is to get yourself to do it. That's where internal communication comes into place."

--Jerry "Rhino" Clark, excerpted from the 2004 Weekend Event, CD 19, Track 8

Chris: What is the one thing that you do to get you through those most difficult times?

Donna: "When it's the common stress that you're dealing with, I have to honestly say that it's a good workout. I don't work out to keep my body in shape--that's just a perk. I work out because it makes me focused, it keeps my time more organized, it clears my head, it makes me think, it gets me in tune to what needs to be done."

--Donna Krech, excerpted from the 2004 Weekend Event/Speaker Roundtable, CD 21, Track 5

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