Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Three Inborn Fears

Three Inborn Fears

All people are born with three inborn fears. These three fears are:
* Fear of falling
* Fear of loud noises
* Fear of abandonment

As a child, these inborn fears kept you safe. They helped you monitor your life and what's going on around you. They were needed. Think about it, it is fear that gives you the powerful adrenaline rush so that you will have the ability to flee from a situation that is truly unsafe or the same adrenaline rush needed to fight to win! So, it would be fair to say that some fear is healthy and needed.

The problem arises when you react to these inborn fears out of habit. It's just what you've always done. It's your pattern. These inborn fears play out in an adult life through real-life situations of sudden change, responsibility, commitment, and success. Each one of these circumstances is inevitable in building a business, raising a family, or creating and maintaining a happy marriage.

So, if you're caught in the trap of habits and patterns of behavior, oppose them by using your intellect to face the fear ? walk in it ? and walk through it! Stop responding to these fears by allowing them to affect your behavior or cloud your dream. Make the distinct difference between reacting to fear and acting in fear.

When you feel the fear begin to build in your gut, use your intellect to talk you through the childhood fear and into truth. Feeling fearful is normal! Reacting to it is not.

Stop reacting to fear out of habit and patterns of behavior!

Have a great day!

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