Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Internal Communication - How We Speak to Ourselves

Every single human being has internal dialogue every day. It is the thoughts that make up our thinking all day long. There are two kinds of thoughts:

First, the thoughts about what is going on and about the people around us:
That building is tall.
That flower is beautiful.
Today is Friday, and the weekend starts tomorrow.
Tom is a nice guy.

Second, the thoughts about ourselves:
I am smart.
I could never do that.
I want to achieve more.
And so on.

We all have thoughts that fill our minds. The power for our lives comes when we make the connection between the thoughts we think, the actions we take and the results we see in our lives.

Here is how it works: The thoughts we think take control of the actions we perform, which produce the results we see. For example, if we think, "I really love to work out and the way it makes me feel," we will more likely find ourselves working out. Working out, in turn, will help us get in better shape. So, the progression goes from the internal dialogue - what we tell ourselves - to the actions that express those thoughts, to the results that come from those actions.

The key is to control the thoughts we think and to be purposeful about them. So, how are we purposeful? Good question! The answer is to begin with the end result you want, and work backward:

If you want to get in better shape, then you would ask yourself what actions would work for you to attain that goal. Then you would ask yourself what thoughts you could fill your mind with that would produce the action of working out more often. Maybe write down ten thoughts that would give you a foundation of a healthy outlook on working out. Then memorize them and meditate and think about them throughout the day. Let them begin to be your natural thoughts. You will find that they will produce those actions, and the actions will give you the desired results.

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Herbie said...

David . it is wonderful to meet . albeit on the 'net . someone who thinks . therefore is ! I was so excited when I finally got this concept and have lived by it ever since ... living consciously and in control is literally mind and life altering ...

Thank you for sharing ....


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