Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Spiritual reading, walking, solitude

Chris: What is the one thing that you do to get you through those most difficult times?

Brian Tracy: "Three things that have been very helpful to me. I do spiritual reading every morning for 30-60 minutes. It lowers your flashpoint, so it's very hard for things to get you riled up or for you to get excited emotionally, if you have a lower flashpoint. So read spiritually--it calms you. As Jim says, it feeds your mind with mental nutrition.

The 2nd thing I do is walk. Walking and allowing your mind to run is a wonderful way to get clarity on things.

The 3rd thing I do is practice solitude, which is just sitting quietly by yourself and allowing your mind to calm. They say prayer is talking to God, but inspiration is when God talks to you, and when you sit quietly in silence by yourself, your mind will clear and God will always give you the answer to your most pressing problem at the moment."

--Brian Tracy, excerpted from the 2004 Weekend Event/Speaker Roundtable, DVD 11, CD 21, Track 6

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